Special Techniques

In this section I have ordered the techniques by the character who did them.
In the table below I have provided a link to the characters profile page and what number they are represented by on this page.

1 Akitaka Fudo 5 Setsura Kyogoku
2 Keiichiro Nagumo 6 Shizuma Kusanagi
3 Nanase Kuon 7 Multiple Characters
4 Ryoko Mitsurugi    

Who Does It Name of Special Technique Description of Special Technique
1 Akitaka Yama no Todoroki
(Mountain Roar)
This is an attack where the user puts in his hands together and slam them to the ground to make a powerful earthquake.

2 Nagumo Shin Hi Ken
(God Flight Fist)
Probably the most powerful technique in the series, Nagumo powers up his energy and releases it in a powerful punch (sometimes in a blast too).

3 Nanase Shiden no Bara
(Purple Electricity Rose)
This is an attack from Nanase's rose whip which will electrocute anything in its path.

4 Ryoko Shinki Sword
(God's Chi Sword)
This is a sword made from a person's energy.

5 Setsura Black Wind Feathers Setsura can generate his black wind into multiple feather darts that can cause a person extreme pain.
5 Setsura Black Wind Slash This attack is made when the user makes a slash from his hand creating a gust of black wind that will cut through anything or cause pain to a person.
5 Setsura Wall of the Black Wind The user surrounds himself with the Black Wind techniques creating a shield that can destroy anything it touches.

6 Shizuma Akai Kiba
(Red Fang)
This is Shizuma's fire punch. He can also make a blast from this. Another reading for this attack is "Kouga".
6 Shizuma Guren Sankyaku
(Scarlet Flame Three Legs)
This attack is basically three powerful flaming kicks.
6 Shizuma Guren Senpuu
(Scarlet Flame Gale)
This is a rising vertical flaming kick.
6 Shizuma Honoo no Tora
(Flame of Tiger)
The second most powerful attack in the series. This attack is a fire punch shape like a tiger.
6 Shizuma Triple Kouga Combo Shizuma's combo attack "Three Red Fangs" (three flaming punches).

7 Ryoko,
Kote One of three main moves in kendo fencing--"kote" is an attack onto the opponent's forearm (literally, kote" means the forearm, or a gauntlet that covers the forearm).

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