Shizuma's Profile

Full Name: Shizuma Kusanagi
Origin: Japan
Age: 16
Height: 6'0"/184cm
Weight: ---lbs/---kg
Eye: Brown
Hair: Blue

Weapons: none
Fighting Style: Kamui No Ken & Shizuma
Honoo no Tora (Flame of Tiger)
Guren Senpuu (Scarlet Flame Gale)
Akai Kiba/Kouga (Red Fang)
Guren Sankyaku (Scarlet Flame Three Legs)
Triple Kouga Combo

Brief Description
Shizuma is a roughneck from the Kansai district. He barged into the martial arts tournament at the Daimon school festival, and placed first. As a reward for the victory, he received a full scholarship and was able to transfer to Daimon High. Besides his strength, he might possess other secret powers ... He is known as a “mountain monkey” to Ryoko. Ryoko Mitsurugi's Real Bout High School Universe
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