Ryoko's Profile

Full Name: Ryoko Mitsurugi
Origin: Japan
Age: 16
Height: 5'8"/175cm
Weight: ---lbs/---kg
Eye: Purple
Hair: Red

Weapons: Wooden Sword
Fighting Style: Hiten Mitsurugi
Attacks: Kote
Shinki Sword (God's Chi Sword)
Oyster Inazuma Otoshi (Oyster Lightning Drop)

Brief Description
Ryoko is the main character of Real Bout High School. A tenth grader in Daimon High School, Ryoko is devoted to the precepts of the samurai -- loving justice and detesting vice. She is well-trained in Kendo and is an eager student of Tessai Onizuka for the Hiten Mitsurugi sword technique. Her main rival is Azumi Kiribayashi; her elder; who also has a major crush on Tatsuya Shishikura her Kendo buddy.

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