Keiichiro's Profile

Full Name: Keiichiro Nagumo
Age: 22
Height: -'--"/---cm
Weight: ---lbs/---kg
Eye: Brown
Hair: Black

Weapons: none
Fighting Style: Kamui No Ken
Attacks: Shin Hi Ken (God Flight Fist)

Brief Description
Keiichiro is the father of K-Fights at Daimon High School. He was the former champion and is known as the strongest man in the world. He appeared from nowhere during Ryoko & Shizuma's K-Fight rematch (Episode 2 or 3). He then challenged Shizuma to a K-Fight and knocked him into the wall. He has done some battling in Solvania many times and continuously fights a man named Gates. Keiichiro possesses the Power of Kamui just like Shizuma. He's good friends with Tessai & Miyuki Onizuka. Ryoko Mitsurugi's Real Bout High School Universe
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