Tiger of the wind





The goodies are the monsters that are with Genki and Holly, on the Quest to find the Phoenix.

Moochi: A cute lovable pink... thing. He is the first monster than Genki unlocked and he is always there for him any for anyone for that matter, in battle and out.
Tiger: Intent on fighting Moo because of an old rivalry between them and to rescue his brother.
Golem: Once a protector of disks, Golem now travels with the group in search of the Phoenix. He might look big and mean but he really is a softy in the inside.
Hare: Once a meddling trickster, now part of the MR gang. He loves to make money and annoy Tiger but he is as dedicated to his mission as everyone else.
Suezo: Holly's childhood companion monster. He goes with her on all her adventures to keep her safe.

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