Name:- Golem
Japanese Name:- {JName}
Age:- fairly old
Sayings:- Grudges not. Good. Only give. Birth to. Other. Grudges

Attributes:- Strong, noble, big
Attacks:- Tornado Attack. He has a lot of strength and defense.
Reputation:- Kind

Golem watched over a castle's lost disks (monsters that cannot be returned) for a long, long time... That is ... until he met Genki, Moochi, Holly and Suezo. After turning a bunch of Moo's Evil Jells to Lost Disks, he joined with Genki and the others to find the Phoenix. Holly said that the Phoenix, if they found it, could return all the monsters and turn them good. Strong and silent, Golem is a good-hearted, non-violent member. He fears water and fighting.

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