Name:- Tiger of the Wind
Japanese Name:- {JName}
Age:- ?
Sayings:- "Whatever I need, I take."

Attributes:- Quick, Cunning, Brave, loyal to friends, fierce fighter
Attacks:- Torpedoes, Roar
Reputation:- Thief, tough

In the past he and his brother, Gray Wolf, stole for food. They joined up with a pack of Tigers that one day met Moo. After the futile fight Moo left Tiger of the Wind but took his brother and turned Gray Wolf into a baddie.

Tiger of the Wind is called a thief to all who heard or seen him. He and his brother, a long time ago in order to survive, stole from markets and travelers. Soon, after joining a pack of Tigers, they met up with the demon monster himself---Moo. After a battle, Tiger's brother was single-handily taken by Moo, never to be seen again. He has join the band to find his brother and to get Moo. Tiger is quiet, mysterious, often violent, but with a soft spot. (Especially for Holly and Genki who Tiger seems to treat like a kid brother.

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