Name:- Mocchi
Japanese Name:- {JName}
Age:- About 2 months old
Sayings:- Mocchi hungry, Mocchi, and Chi

Attributes:- Agile, small, and very cute
Attacks:- Cherry blossom blizzard, Mocchi cannon
Reputation:- Mocchi has a rep for being a baby

Mocchi is the first monster that Genki released from a mystery disk. Since then, Moochi and Genki have grown close. Moochi basically says "Moochi!" "Chi!" "Moo-chi!" "Moochi Hungry..." or repeats anything Genki or Holly says. This little monster may be cute, but it packs a mean punch! Watch out for this monster when it gets mad. Mocchi and Genki have a Pikachu/Ash type relationship. Because he looks like a small Duck/Penguin his enemies always under estimate him, but don't let his looks deceive you Mocchi's potential is not completely known and he has two awesome attacks. His "Cherry Blossom Blizzard" is capable of taking out a large group of average monsters his Mocchi Cannon turned Gali into a lost disk with one blast.

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