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This has a collection of information on the characters that appear in the five Sailor Moon seasons. These include the Sailor Scouts, the Guardian Cats (which help the the Sailor Scouts with their mission to protect Earth), the Enemy (the ones trying to destroy the Earth as well as the Moon Kingdom), and any other characters which appear in the series.

This gives information on 'Sailor V~Before Awakening' manga (the manga before Sailor Moon), the Parallel Moon manga (which introduces Tsukino Kousagi; second daughter of Serena) and the Sailor Moon manga.

In this section I have included pictures of many of the main characters that are in the show, the Lyrics to the U.S. Sailor Moon music and the names of the actors who play the voices of the characters. I have also included a selection of animated GIF's.

In this section I have information on all five seasons including episode guides and also information on the three movies. There is information on the attacks and special powers that the Sailor Scouts have and the stories behind the Silver Millennium, the Sailor Scouts, the Negamoon and the Doom Tree. I have also included information which gives a quick guide to the characters of Sailor Moon as well as on the rainbow crystals. Lastle there is information on the Sailor Moon Live Action TV series.
The Encyclopedia has a description of everything Sailor Moon. It also has a link to the Japanese Terms page which describes some Japanese words that are about or in Sailor Moon

There is also a profile page on the creator of Sailor Moon; Naoko Takeuchi; and a quiz based on general Sailor Moon knowledge.
To go to other Sailor Moon websites use the Links page. There is also a link to the updates page for JapaneseAnimeUK.com.

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