Naoko Takeuchi   Naoko Takeuchi and Yoshihiro Togachi

American Name: Naoko Takeuchi
Japanese Name: Takeuchi Naoko
Name Pronunciation: -
Resides In: Azabu Juuban area of Tokyo Family: Kenji (father), Ikuko (mother), and Shingo (brother)
Birthday: March 15, 1967
Birth Place: Japan (Kofu City, Yamanashi prefecture)
Age: 35
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Birth Stone:
Height: 5'3"/160cm
Weight: -
Eye Colour: -
Hair Colour: Black
Blood Type: A Marital Status: married to Yoshihiro Togachi
Graduated At: Kyoritsu Chemical University
Favourite Subject: Art, Math
Special Training as a Manga Artist: none
Awards Won: 1985 Nakayosi Comic Prize for Newcomers 2nd
1986 (won twice) Nakayoshi's New Artist Award with "Love Call"
1993 Kodansha Comic Prize of the 17th (girls comic branch)
Hobbies: collecting antiques, driving through Tokyo at night (she owns a Porsche and a Ferrari), looking at the ocean at the Rainbow Bridge in the Chiba Bay Area of Tokyo, dancing at clubs in Tokyo with her friends, shopping, reading, dating Likes: Mirrors, big cities at night, rain, sleep, astronomy, idling, drawing
Dislikes: -
Favourite Food: -
Least Favourite Food: -
Favourite Colour: gold, blue
Favourite Animal: - Favourite Work: Sailor Moon
If She Wasn't a Manga Artist She Would Be: a bride Dream: To become an astronaut, to be married, to live in a relaxed lifestyle forever
Title she would give to Sailor Moon if she remade it: Sailor Moon
Quote: "If we girls aren't strong, we can't protect the boys we love."
Philosophy: "Being a manga artist is a very creative and very time consuming, hard job, but it's very fun work. But it takes determination and energy."

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Important Dates
First date with husband - November 15, 19__
First kiss with husband - November 27, 19__
Engagement to husband - August 21, 19__
Marriage to husband - January 6, 1999

Extra Information
Anyone who watches Sailor Moon knows Naoko Takeuchi plays a big part. Without her we wouldn't have the characters and story we love. She's the creator of Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon wasn't always an anime cartoon. It first started out as a Japanese girls' comic (or shojo manga) drawn by Naoko.
Her Sailor Moon story can be found in a total of 18 volumes, and 54 acts (sort of like episodes in the manga).

The Sailor Moon Manga started in the February, 1992 issue of Nakayoshi and the Anime was started on March 7, 1992.
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