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The Sailor Moon S season was first broadcast in Japan in 1994-1995 and in North America in 2000.

Sailor Moon S begins with Raye having a vision about the future. It is in her vision that she foresees the destruction of civilization on earth. Professor Tomoe, a mad scientist, creates monsters from magical seeds. These monsters take the life energy out of people which physically appear as crystals. Mysterious warriors appear to aid the Sailor Scouts. (Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune) They don't really aid the Sailor Scouts but are only in search of a certain life energy or "talisman" which can save the future. Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto all possess these "talismans". Sailor Uranus possess one in the form of a sword, Sailor Neptune has one as a mirror, and Sailor Pluto has one as a round orb. These three "talisman" combine to form the "Crisis Cup" which Sailor Moon uses in her "Crisis Make-Up" transformation. Rini meets a girl who eventually becomes Sailor Saturn. Her father is the mad scientist, Professor Tomoe.
The Sailor Scouts encounter other villains including the Witches 5, Mistress 9, Kaolinite, and the Death Busters. Rini transforms into Sailor Chibi-Moon in this season.
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