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The Sailor Moon R season was first broadcast in Japan in 1993-1994 and in North America in 1995/1997.

The second season is a continuation of the first season. The memories of the Sailor Scouts are given back to them as a new evil force threatens earth once more. This time, by two aliens named Anne and Alan who pose as students at the local junior high school, stealing energy to feed their Doom Tree which is the only thing that keeps them alive. Throughout this half of this season, they use monsters called "Cardians" to try to steal energy from humans to feed the Doom Tree. Eventually, with the help of Sailor Moon, both Anne and Alan find out that the way to live out their lives is through love. Sailor Moon heals the tree while Anne and Alan get a second chance to start over. This first half of the season is unimportant as it only serves the purpose of reintroducing Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Scouts.
The second half of the season begins with Serena and Darien as a couple. In the first episode, Serena and Darien are in the park together, about to kiss each other, when all of a sudden, a child with pink hair falls from the sky into Darien's arms, landing on top of Serena. This child's name is Rini, a character sent from the future called "Crystal Tokyo" in search of her mother in the past and the silver crystal. Unfortunately, shortly after Rini's arrival, Darien has nightmares of Serena being hurt if he doesn't stay away from her. As a result, Darien breaks up with Serena, crushing her heart. Also, new enemies are then introduced including Rubius and the four sisters - Catsy, Bertie, Prizma, and Avery from the "Dark-Moon". These people are sent by someone called the "Wiseman" from the future to try to stop Rini and disrupt the past of Tokyo so that the forces of the Dark-Moon will have an easier time taking over Crystal Tokyo of the future. Eventually the four sisters turn good but the Sailor Scouts still have Rubius to contend with.
The Sailor Scouts defeat Rubeus but encounter other people from the future. The appearance of new enemies including Prince Diamond, Sapphire, and Emerald. These characters are members of the "Dark Moon" family who threaten the earth in the future. They were originally banished to a planet called Nemesis and came back for revenge. Everyone finds out that Rini is Serena and Darien's daughter from the future. Serena finds out that she will be Neo-Queen Serenity in the future. Rini came to the past to find the silver crystal and bring it back to the future because she lost it while she was playing with it one day. Rini is captured by the forces of the Dark-Moon. They accelerate her growth and she becomes a character named "Wicked Lady" who has no memories of her former childhood and fights for the Dark-Moon. By the end, Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts showdown against the Wiseman himself and defeat him.
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