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The Sailor Moon season was first broadcast in Japan in 1992-1993 and in North America in 1995.
It was released on August 28, 1995 in Canada and on September 11, 1995 in U.S.A.

The first season of Sailor Moon begins with Serena, a 14 year old teenager, who finds out from a cat named Luna that she is a Sailor Scout. She transforms into Sailor Moon, who is destined to fight against a powerful evil force led by Queen Beryl who is fixated on world domination by stealing enough energy from humans to fuel their attack. As the season progresses, four other Sailor Scouts are discovered - Sailor Mercury (Amy), Sailor Mars (Raye), Sailor Jupiter (Lita), and Sailor Venus (Mina), as well as another cat named Artemis. Along with a mysterious masked man, named Tuxedo Mask, who often shows up in the nick of time to aid the Sailor Scouts. One of their main missions was to find the Moon Princess. They find out later the Serena was the Moon Princess. Also, they finally discover the true identity of Tuxedo Mask (his name is Darien). Unfortunately, during a battle, Tuxedo mask is injured protecting her and is taken away by Queen Beryl. In Queen Beryl's realm, Tuxedo Mask is brainwashed and is forced to fight against the Sailor Scouts. Serena, who is destined to be with Darien (Tuxedo Mask), is determined to get him back. Later, the Scouts find Queen's Beryl's secret domain, in the North Pole, and go there to rescue Tuxedo Mask and to prevent the Negaforce from launching an attack against the world. At the North Pole, one by one, the Sailor Scouts are slowly killed until only Sailor Moon remains. It is at this time that she is swept away and is taken to meet with Queen Beryl. There, Queen Beryl orders Tuxedo Mask (also known as Prince Darien) to retrieve Sailor Moon's Silver Imperium Crystal. Fortunately, Sailor Moon is able to free him by showing him her star locket, a gift given to her long ago by him. In the final battle between Princess Serena (Sailor Moon) and Queen Beryl, Serena, along with the spirits of her fellow Sailor Scouts, defeat Queen Beryl, saving the universe. Concluding the first season, Serena and her four friends remember nothing as Sailor Scouts. They do not remember each other or who they were, and are allowed to live their lives normally.
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