Goku Jr

Vegeta Jr



King Vegeta


The Saiyans are a savage fighting race from the planet Vegeta that was blown up by Frieza when he feared that the Saiyan race would grow to be a strong people and destroy him. Very few pure blooded Saiyans survived, among them are Goku, Radditz Vegeta and Brolli.

Goku, as we all know was sent to earth to destroy mankind and their planet, but when Goku was young, he fell and bumped his head and forgot his mission and became Earths greatest hero.
Radditz, is Goku's evil brother who was sent to Earth to see the progress of Goku and the Earths destruction.
Vegeta is a cocky Saiyan prince who is used to getting what he wants, and believes he must be a Super Saiyan because of his royal blood line. He gets angry many times during the series when other Saiyans overtake him in power as well as becoming Super Saiyans.
And Brolli is a legendary Super Saiyan that was last seen 1,000 years ago

There are also a few 1/2 Saiyan 1/2 Human including Gohan, Goten and Trunks who are born from Saiyan and Human parents.

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