English name:- Goten Race:- 1/2 Saiyan 1/2 Human
Japanese name:- Unknown Born:- --/--/767 A.D.
Name meaning:- Sky Height:- -' --"
Wife/Husband:- None Weight:- lbs
Father:- Goku Eyes colour:- Black/Green
Mother:- Chi-chi Hair colour:- Black/Yellow
Brother/Sister:- Gohan  
Son/Daughter:- None Pets:- None
Goten is the Brother of Gohan, and the second son of Goku and Chi-chi. The first time he sees his father is - when Goku visits with the help of Baba. He trains with Gohan when he teaches Videl to fly and to control her chi energy, and becomes a Super Saiyan at a younger age than Gohan.
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