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JapaneseAnimeUK News & Updates

News Update: July 28, 2007
  Due to a major international move we have been unable to make any updates to the site. We are working on getting an update out as soon as we can.
  The JapaneseAnimeUK.com Team
Site Update: January 7, 2007
  Version 3.0 went online.
News Update: January 7, 2007
  After quite a while of inactivity due to technical difficulties, JapaneseAnimeUK.com is back and updated with version 3. The main updates include a complete redesign of the homepage as well as some new sections although some are not yet ready to go online. If you have any questions relating to our website please visit the FAQ page.

In our Anime sections we have a few new pages as well as some updated/redesigned pages.
Dragonball Z: I have split the movies page into seperate pages, one for each series and planets page has been remade. The dragons, Did you realise pages has been redesigned and now have pictures. Capsule Corp, Fusion and Ginyu pages have also been remade. The title bar on the home page has a new picture. I now have 12 episode pages completed, and a page with some Japanese names and their meaning.
Sailor Moon: I have redesigned the Voice Actors page as well as the Episode Guide page. I have also added the Lyrics page; which includes both the Theme and Theme Reprise lyrics; and the Profile of Tuxedo Mask/Darien Shields. Lastly I have added Episode Summaries for the first two episodes and added a Live Action section to the homepage although this isn't ready yet.
Gundam Wing: I have added two more Profiles for Marshal Noventa and his grand-daughter Sylvia as well as redesigned the Episode Guide. Also the background music on the homepage has been changed to the second opening theme of Gundam Wing.
Outlaw Star: I have started the episode guide, although there are no links to it yet. I have added a video game page, there are no Outlaw Star video games, so I created one. I have also changed the title picture on the home page.
Monster Rancher: I have added a Moo page and updated the DVD pages to make them better, more Moo pictures coming as soon as I get some off the DVDs. I have also added a video games page showing the box covers of MR games.
Real Bout High School: I have updated all Profiles with new information.
  The JapaneseAnimeUK.com Team
Sorry for the lack of updates, we have been experiencing technical difficulties.
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