Website Questions
 In this section you will find answers to the more common questions about JapaneseAnimeUK.com
1. Question: What is Anime?
Answer: Anime is a Japanese style of motion-picture animation, characterized by highly stylized, colorful art, futuristic settings amongst other things. Anime is broadcast on television; distributed on media such as DVD and VHS; as well as in video games.
2. Question: What is JapaneseAnimeUK.com?
Answer: JapaneseAnimeUK.com is a website designed to inform, educate and entertain anime fans; in particular Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Outlaw Star, Monster Rancher and Real Bout High School fans; worldwide.
3. Question: Can I Direct Link to pictures on JapaneseAnimeUK.com for my own website?
Answer: No you may not, if you want to use pictures you must upload the picture to your own server, please do not steal bandwidth.
However, certain edited images on the website are not allowed to be used on any other website, these will have JapaneseAnimeUK.com on them. If you are unsure about an image feel free to e-mail us and we will let you know.
4. Question: How did you create JapaneseAnimeUK.com?
Answer: This website was created with Macromedia Dreamweaver 4. However we also used Notepad for some of the HTML as well as creating some of the scripts used on this website.
5. Question: How did you create the JapaneseAnimeUK.com edited images?
Answer: All edited images were created/modified in Adobe Photoshop 6.
6. Question: How can I submit my website so I can Link to JapaneseAnimeUK.com?
Answer: At the moment the best way to do that is to send us an e-mail with the subject set as 'Link To Us' which includes your websites name & address and we will check it out. In the near future we are hoping to have an easier way of submitting your website for linking as well as banner images for use on your website.
7. Question: If I want to e-mail you something should I add an attachment?
Answer: No please don't. With the amount of viruses, etc. as well as the amount of spam that we receive it will more likely be deleted right away. If you wish to send us something, please send us a regular e-mail and if we agree to accept it you can then e-mail it (using the same e-mail address).
8. Question: Why haven't I received a reply to my e-mail?
Answer: There are a few different reasons that you might not have received an e-mail back:
We could be swamped with e-mail's including spam and we just haven't gotten to yours yet, we may have responded already but it was flagged as spam or bounced back.
If you haven't received some sort of a response within three to four weeks you may want to send it again in case it has gotten lost.
9. Question: I have noticed some wrong information on your website, what should I do?
Answer: Send us an e-mail with the subject set as 'Information Correction' with a link to the page in question, the information that is wrong, the correct info and if possible the source where you got the correct info from.
10. Question: Do you have any direct contact with the companies that have made these anime?
Answer: No, JapaneseAnimeUK.com has no contact with any company that created the six anime featured on our website.
If you have read the above questions and your question wasn't covered please e-mail us with the subject set as 'JapaneseAnimeUK Question' (that way your question is more likely to get answered due to the amount of spam we receive).

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