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U.S. Name: Mina Aino
Jap Name: Aino Minako
U.S. Names Considered: Kari, Monica
Name Pronunciation: Eye-no
1st Appeared:
Episode 29 (US)
Episode 33 (Jap)
Meaning: Beautiful Child of Love
Forms: Mina, Sailor Venus, Super Sailor Venus, and Princess Venus
Birthdate: October 22, 1978
Age (Start/Finish): 14/16
Astrological Sign: Libra
Birth Stone: Rose Zircon
Height: 5'2"/157cm
Weight: 102lbs/46kg
Eye Colour: blue
Hair Colour: blond
Blood Type: B Writing Hand: right
Likes: any cute boys
Father: n/a Mother: n/a
Brothers: n/a Sisters: n/a
Sons: n/a Daughters: n/a
Others: n/a
1: - Venus Power (Sailor Venus)
2: - Venus Star Power (Sailor Venus)
3: - Venus Crystal Power Make-up (Super Sailor Venus)
1: - Luna Transformation pen
2: - Communicators (Pocket and Wrist)
3: - Star Transformation pen
1: - Venus Crescent Beam Smash
2: - Venus Meteor Shower/Venus Crescent Beam Shower
3: - Venus Love Chain Encircle
4: - Venus Love and Beauty Shock
Shibakouen Junior High School, Juuban High School
Favourite Subject: Physical Education, gymnastics
Worst Subject: Everything else
Hobbies: playing games, wasting time, chasing after idols, shopping, sports, dance, acting
Dislikes: bullies, show-offs, her mother, the police
Favourite Food: pasta, Ramen noodles, curry with rice, Gyouza (stuffed dumplings)
Least Favourite Food: Shiitake mushrooms
Favourite Colour: yellow and red Favourite Animal: birds (cats?)
Favourite Gemstone: Topaz Strong Points: playing, rest and relaxation, having fun, leadership
Dream: to become an idol Symbol:
Motto: If you trip and fall, don't get up without getting something out of it!

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Extra Information
Sailor V

Mina first appeared as Sailor Venus to Tuxedo Mask, helping him escape from Zoisite; who was dressed as a fake Sailor Moon; after she stabbed him in the shoulder. Then Venus appeared to the Sailor Scouts, who at the time were in a shrinking energy field created by Malachite. They were looking for the fake Sailor Moon (Zoisite) and they fell into Malachite's trap. Venus breaks the energy field with her Venus Crescent Beam and frees the Sailor Scouts. She then introduces herself as Sailor Venus along with her talking white cat, Artemis. The next day she goes to the Cherry Hill Temple to introduce herself as Mina. The others (Ami, Rei, and Lita) don't notice her; Mina explains that they all look different as Sailor Scouts and that she did not notice them at first either. Mina is also known as Sailor V, she is the first Sailor Scout to appear to thank her cat Artemis, who gave her transformation stick long before Serena got hers. She is the most playful of all scouts and she makes friends by being playful around them. Mina was actually the first Sailor Scout ever to exist. She lived in England, and was thirteen when she was discovered by Artemis. She remained Sailor V until she was sixteen. Then she came to Tokyo and amazingly, became fourteen! She's also the leader of the Sailor Scouts and the Moon Princess is the leader of the Kingdom composed of followers of the Princess, and Sailor Venus is the leader of her protectors, the Sailor Scouts.
Mina is an all-around good person. She doesn't like people to be unhappy, and she loves beautiful things. Mina is friendly, always trying to make people comfortable. She's also remarkably like Serena. Aside from looking nearly identical to the meatball-headed girl, she's always late for something or other. And, she's a bit of a ditz to some extent. Somewhat scatter-brained, she can freak herself out really easily by accident. Just like Serena's guardian cat; Luna, Mina's guardian cat, Artemis, gets extremely exasperated with her whenever she does something ditzy (not as often as Serena). Mina uses attacks that deal solely with energy. She is such a nice person; she goes around making sure that no one is sad or lonely, and if they are, she tries to cheer them up. She's also got a keen interest in sports. She's an over-all good person, kind, compassionate, and considerate. She goes absolutely gaga over the Three Lights in Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, but she's not as focused on love as she is on being a friend. She is very open, friendly with everyone and has good leadership qualities. Lita Kino's Sailor Moon Universe
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