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U.S. Name: Hotaru Tomoe
Jap Name: Tomoe Hotaru
U.S. Names Considered:
Name Pronunciation: 1st Appeared:
Episode - (US)
Episode 110/125 (Jap)
Meaning: Sprouting Soil Firefly
Forms: Hotaru, Mistress 9, Sailor Saturn, Super Sailor Saturn and Princess Saturn
Birthdate: January 6, 1981
Age (Start/Finish): 13/0/4/13
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Birth Stone: Garnet
Height: 3'9"/114cm
Weight: 58lbs/26kg
Eye Colour: violet
Hair Colour: black
Blood Type: AB Writing Hand: right
Father: Professor Souichi Tomoe Mother: Keiko Tomoe
Brothers: n/a Sisters: n/a
Sons: n/a Daughters: n/a
Others: n/a
1: - Saturn Planet Power, Make-up (Sailor Saturn)
1: - Planet Transformation pen (Henshin Stick)
2: - the Silence Glaive
1: - Death Reborn Revolution (to destroy the world)
2: - Silence Glaive Surprise
3: - Silence Wall
School: Crossroads (Juuban) Junior High
Favourite Subject: World History
Worst Subject: Physical Education
Hobbies: reading, collecting lamps
Dislikes: being alone, being in marathons
Favourite Food: Nihon Soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles)
Least Favourite Food: Milk
Favourite Colour: Violet Favourite Animal: butterfly, panther
Favourite Gemstone: Fluorite Strong Points: Healing wounds
Dream: to be a Nurse/Doctor Symbol:

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Extra Information
Sailor Saturn appears in her normal identity first.
Hotaru leads a rather difficult life. She is a very shy and isolated person. It's kind of complicated. When she was little she was killed in a lab accident. Her father; the scientist who was conducting the experiments; was devastated and heart-broken. Magically, this lady (Mistress 9) appeared and told Professor Tomoe (Sailor Saturn's dad) that she would bring Hotaru to life if he let her master (Pharaoh 90) live in his body. She didn't tell him, however, that she planned to take over Hotaru's body. Anyway, Hotaru grew up, and had a lot of problems with physical exertion; she got tired very easily. She had this wicked cool ability to heal people by touch, except this took a toll on her own health. Eventually, she became good friends with Rini and they began to hang around with each other as often as they could. Near the end of Sailor Moon S, Hotaru was found to be the Messiah. But, for Mistress 9 to accomplish her mission of freeing Pharaoh 90, she had to get rid of the Messiah. Then there's a big thing with the Scouts and Sailor Moon and Hotaru trying to free herself of the evil within. In the end she succeeds and turns into Sailor Saturn, the scout who possesses the power to destroy the universe on command. Hotaru's attacks are really cool but rarely used. Since she is the scout of destruction she doesn't often use her powers unless they're really needed. After becoming a scout she reverts to being a small baby again, and Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto take care of her. Professor Tomoe becomes good again and in Sailor Stars she grows up very quickly to her original age and becomes Sailor Saturn again in time for the battle against Galaxia. She also wields the fearsome polearm known as the Silence Glaive. She can use the weapon to slice through anything that gets in her way.

Also known as the Sailor Scout of Destruction. Lita Kino's Sailor Moon Universe
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