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U.S. Name: Michelle Kaiou
Jap Name: Kaiou Michiru
U.S. Names Considered: Nerissa
Name Pronunciation: Hah-eye-ou Me-cheer-rue 1st Appeared:
Episode 82/-- (US)
Episode 89/92 (Jap)
Meaning: Maturing Sea King
Forms: Michelle, Sailor Neptune, Super Sailor Neptune, and Princess Neptune
Birthdate: March 6, 1978
Age (Start/Finish): 16/18
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Birth Stone: Aquamarine
Height: 5'4"/163cm
Weight: 117lbs/53kg
Eye Colour: blue/green
Hair Colour: greenish blue
Blood Type: O Writing Hand:
Girlfriend: Sailor Uranus/Amara
Father: n/a Mother: n/a
Brothers: n/a Sisters: n/a
Sons: n/a Daughters: n/a
Others: Amara (cousin)
1: - Neptune Planet Power, Make-up
1: - Planet Transformation pen (Henshin Stick)
2: - the Deep Aqua Mirror (second Talisman)
1: - Deep Submerge
2: - Aqua Mirror Reflector
3: - Sailor Planet Meditation
School: Mugen Gakuen High School
Favourite Subject: Music
Worst Subject: none
Hobbies: Playing the violin, collecting make-up, painting, swimming, music
Likes: Playing the violin, painting
Dislikes: the Inner Senshi (or Scouts), sea cucumbers
Favourite Food: Sashimi (meat strips)
Least Favourite Food: Kikurage (mushrooms)
Favourite Colour: Marine blue Favourite Animal:
Favourite Gemstone: Aquamarine Strong Points: excellent violin player, music, artistic
Dream: To be a violinist Symbol:

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Extra Information
Sailor Neptune appears shadowed first.
Sailor Neptune! Scout of the Sea! Okay, she is considered to be the most "elegant Scout." She's very artistic and has a gift for music and painting, which wins her a lot of admiration from others as well as everything else she does (She dreams to be a violinist someday). She often hangs out with Sailor Uranus, and is generally a very compassionate person. She cares a lot about Sailor Uranus and is willing to abandon anything she's fighting for if Sailor Uranus will be in danger. Sailor Neptune can, however be very harsh with people if she thinks they're selling themselves short. As far as powers go she has a really cool Henshin sequence and very cool powers. They deal with water and they're very powerful attacks. Her first attack's name says it all, "Deep Submerge". Okay, well, Sailor Neptune is very faithful to Sailor Uranus. Although they never come out and say it, there are a lot of things that simply show that they're a couple (It is hard to get around the lesbianism and the problem is how to show it so all types can approve of it. I got this info quite a while ago so it may not be 100% true, but this info is from the Japanese version from the show). Lita Kino's Sailor Moon Universe
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