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U.S. Name: Serena Tsukino
Jap Name: Tsukino Usagi
U.S. Names Considered: Victoria, Celeste
Name Pronunciation: Sue-key-no Ooh-sah-gee 1st Appeared:
Episode 1 (both versions)
Meaning: Rabbit of the Moon
Forms: Serena, Princess Serenity, Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Moon, Eternal Sailor Moon, and Neo-Queen Serenity
Birthdate: June 30, 1978
Age (Start/Finish): 14/16
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Birth Stone: Pearl
Height: 4'11"/150cm
Weight: 99lbs/45kg
Eye Colour: blue
Hair Colour: blond
Blood Type: O- Writing Hand: right
Boyfriend: Darien Shields
Father: Tsukino Kenji Mother: Tsukino Ikuko
Brothers: Sammy Tsukino/
Tsukino Shingo
Sisters: n/a
Sons: n/a Daughters: Rini/Sailor Chibi Moon
Others: Queen Serenity (original mother)
1: - Moon Prism Power (Sailor Moon)
2: - Moon Crystal Power (Sailor Moon)
3: - Moon Cosmic Power
4: - Moon Crisis Make-up (Super Sailor Moon)
5: - Moon Eternal Make-up (Eternal Sailor Moon)
1: - Moon Tiara
2: - Luna Transformation Pen
3: - Crescent Moon Wand
4: - Imperium Silver Crystal
5: - Moon Scepter
6: - Transformation Brooch
7: - Communicators (Pocket and Wrist)
8: - the Moon Kaleidoscope
1: - Moon Tiara Magic
2: - Moon Healing Activation
3: - Cosmic Moon Power
4: - Moon Scepter Elimination
5: - Moon Scepter Activation
6: - Moon Crystal Healing Activation
7: - Moon Spiral Heart Attack
8: - Rainbow Moon Heartache
9: - Moon Gorgeous Meditation
10: - Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss
11: - Silver Moon Crystal Kiss
12: - Scout Power/Attack
Crossroads (Juuban) Junior High, Crossroads (Juuban) High
Favourite Subject: Home Economics
Worst Subject: Maths and English
Hobbies: eating, crying, sleeping, whining, comics, daydreaming, video games, shopping
Likes: eating cake
Dislikes: Raye's mouth, dentists, ghosts, pop quizzes, thunderstorms
Favourite Food: peanut butter and jelly, ice cream, cake (basically all desserts)
Least Favourite Food: carrots
Favourite Colour: white Favourite Animal: pure white rabbits
Favourite Gemstone: Diamond Strong Points: brown nosing, crying, love, loyalty, spirit
Dream: to be a bride Symbol:
Motto: A child needs sleep to grow up!

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Extra Information
Serena is very reluctant to be Sailor Moon. She is the exact opposite of what a super hero should be. She is so uncoordinated she can't even walk a block without falling down; her clumsiness seems to be her trademark. She is also an eating machine, eating whatever anyone gives or whatever has on him or her via begging. When she is not eating or thinking about food she is talking. Luna once said, "It takes a lot of fuel (food) to keep that motor mouth going." She is one big crybaby, crying at any little thing that upsets her (She gets too emotional sometimes). Most of her friends think of her as a flake, ditz, dweeb, and a whiny gluttonous cry baby. But she is shaping out to be a good leader of the Sailor Scouts as Sailor Moon. Her position teaches her responsibility, leadership, and maturity. Now if she could keep those traits as Serena. But you have to give her credit considering the circumstances that she was under, she's only fourteen and already she gets thrust into a complex situation where she has to say a phrase and transform into this bad guy beating super heroine. On top of this, she finds out that she's the Moon Princess. Her predestined boyfriend and husband is none other than Darien, a 17-year-old college student who has a major attitude at the beginning of the season.

Serena is the shortest Sailor Scout. Lita Kino's Sailor Moon Universe
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