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U.S. Name: Lita Kino
Jap Name: Kino Makoto
U.S. Names Considered: Sara, Maggie
Name Pronunciation: Key-no
1st Appeared:
Episode 21 (US)
Episode 25 (Jap)
Meaning: Wisdom of Trees/Sincerity of Wood
Forms: Lita, Sailor Jupiter, Super Sailor Jupiter, and Princess Jupiter
Birthdate: December 5 (14?), 1977 (1978?)
Age (Start/Finish): 14/16
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Birth Stone: Turquoise
Height: 5'6"/168cm
Weight: 124lbs/56kg
Eye Colour: green
Hair Colour: brown
Blood Type: O Writing Hand: right
Likes: Andrew
Father: died in a plane crash Mother: died in a plane crash
Brothers: n/a Sisters: n/a
Sons: n/a Daughters: n/a
Others: n/a
1: - Jupiter Power (Sailor Jupiter)
2: - Jupiter Star Power (Sailor Jupiter)
3: - Jupiter Crystal Power (Super Sailor Jupiter)
1: - Luna Transformation pen
2: - Communicators (Pocket and Wrist)
3: - Clip-on throwable Rose earrings
4: - Star Transformation pen
1: - Jupiter Thunder Crash
2: - Jupiter Thunder Dragon
3: - Jupiter Thunderclap Zap
4: - Superior Sparkling Thunder
5: - Jupiter Oak Evolution
6: - Scout Power/Attack
Crossroads (Juuban) Junior High, Crossroads (Juuban) High
Favourite Subject: Home Economics
Worst Subject: Physics
Hobbies: shopping, cooking, bargain hunting, reading romance novels, flirting, tending to plants
Likes: cooking
Dislikes: mean people, airplanes and cheaters
Favourite Food: cherry pie, meatloaf
Least Favourite Food: none
Favourite Colour: green and pink Favourite Animal: horse, tropical fish
Favourite Gemstone: Emerald Strong Points: cooking, athletic, physical strength, being strong, loyal, a real morale booster
Dream: to be a bride, selling cakes and flowers, to be a famous chef Symbol:
Motto: Stand like a Peony, sit like a Botan (Tree Peony), walk like a Wisteria Flower

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Extra Information
Serena first met Lita when she ran into some mean boys on her way to school. They wanted her lunch money, but Lita shows up and tells the boys to say sorry to Serena. They don't apologize and Lita beats them up. Later at school Serena sees "The Karate Maniac" (Lita) and wonders why she is here. She learns that she got transferred out of her old school for fighting. Serena goes over to talk to Lita and she invites her to sit down and have some muffins she baked, Serena gladly accepts and they become friends. Later they go to the arcade, and see Game Machine Joe who is a wizard on the claw machine. He holds a Rainbow Crystal that is needed to form the Moon Crystal. On his way to donate the toys he won Zoisite attempts to get the crystal from Game Machine Joe. But Lita fights off Zoisite and starts to follow him to find out if he is okay. She then finds out that Joe has the power to move objects and that is why he is so good at the claw machine. Zoisite attacks again and Joe takes off. Lita finds them and watches Zoisite take the crystal out of Joe who then becomes a Shadow Warrior. Sailor Moon shows up and the monster starts his attack on Sailor Moon. Lita comes up from behind and picks up the monster. On her forehead appeared the sign of Jupiter (green 4), and then she throws the monster in some bushes. Luna sees the "4" and gives Lita a transformation stick. She turns into Sailor Jupiter and frees Sailor Moon by using her Supreme Thunder attack. Luna gives Sailor Moon the Crescent Moon Wand and she uses it to change Joe back into human form. Lita prefers to fight rather than talking or thinking things out. As Sailor Jupiter she is a great moral booster in fights. Lita is also a great ice skater as seen in the "Ice Princess" episode.
She is very boy crazy, practical minded, headstrong, independent, quick-tempered and a very loyal friend. Lita Kino's Sailor Moon Universe
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