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U.S. Name: Zoycite
Jap Name: Zoicite
U.S. Names Considered:
Name Pronunciation: Zo-site 1st Appeared:
Episode - (US)
Episode - (Jap)
Astrological Sign:
Birth Stone:
Height: 6'0"/183cm
Weight: 145lbs/66kg
Eye Colour: green
Hair Colour: golden blond
Boyfriend: Malachite
Father: Mother:
Brothers: Sisters:
Sons: Daughters:
1: - Youma
2: - Zoy
3: - Black Crystal

  Powers, Attacks and Items

Extra Information
Zoycite was the third to fight in the name of the evil Queen Beryl. She/He loved and admired the general, Malachite/Kunzite, and fought alongside him in many battles.
Her mission was to gather the seven Rainbow crystals that were scattered throughout the world and embedded in unsuspecting humans. She used Nephlite's dark crystal to activate the rainbow crystal in her victims, thus turning them into Negaverse servants. The only cure for this was Sailor Moon's Luna wand (she used 'Moon Healing Activation'). She managed to collect more than half of the Seven Rainbow Crystals (the Nijizuishou) that were needed to find the Imperium Silver Crystal. Her Youma were the people from which she took the crystals from, the Seven Great Youma. In the Japanese version Zoycite was a very vain man and cared much about his appearance at all times. Unlike some of her comrades she would show her emotion, especially when she was angry. Due to her direct disobedience to her master, Beryl punished her with a fatal wound. On her death bed, she told Kunzite that she loved him.
In the Japanese version Zoycite was a man but because of her/his relationship with Malachite they changed him into a woman in the dubbed.

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