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Queen Beryl


U.S. Name: Queen Mileena Beryl
Jap Name:
U.S. Names Considered:
Name Pronunciation: Bear-ol 1st Appeared:
Episode 1 (both versions)
Birthdate: November 1,
Age: 20 something
Astrological Sign:
Birth Stone:
Height: 6'1"/185cm
Weight: 150lbs/68kg
Eye Colour: reddish orange
Hair Colour: brown/red
Boyfriend: She was in love with Prince Darien/Endymion
Father: Mother:
Brothers: Sisters:
Sons: Daughters:
1: - Energy blasts
2: - Ice Shards
3: - Metalia

  Powers, Attacks and Items

Extra Information
Queen Beryl was the leader of the Negaverse. In the past, when the Silver Millennium still stood, she was the enemy of Queen Serenity. She possessed the people of Earth. She hated the Moon Princess because she was jealous that the Prince loved Princess Serenity and not her.
After killing the Princess and the Prince, she was vanquished by Queen Serenity. In the present day she has resurfaced with plans to revive the Negaforce/Queen Metalia with the power of the Silver Crystal.
In a final jealous rage of the Prince's love for Sailor Moon, she attacked the lovers. She was then struck in the chest by Dariens rose and sank beneath the floor in disbelief. She then begged her ruler, Metalia, to give her the power to destroy the Princess. She was then possessed by Metalia only to be killed in a final battle against Princess Serena using the Luna Wand with the Silver Imperium Crystal and the love of her friends.

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