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U.S. Name: Nephlite/
Maxfield Stanton
Jap Name: Nephrite/Masato Sanjoin
U.S. Names Considered:
Name Pronunciation: Neph-right 1st Appeared:
Episode - (US)
Episode - (Jap)
Birthdate: July 21,
Age: 20 something
Astrological Sign: Leo
Birth Stone:
Height: 5'8"/173cm
Weight: 160lbs/73kg
Eye Colour: blue
Hair Colour: brown
Girlfriend: Molly Baker
Father: Mother:
Brothers: Sisters:
Sons: Daughters:
1: - Youma
2: - Starlight Attack

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Extra Information
Nephlite/Nephrite was the second to fight for Queen Beryl. His mission was to collect energy to free the Negaforce and find the Silver Imperium Crystal. He preferred to amplify the power of his victims before he collected their power and he used the power of the stars to guide his moves. Constantly, in disguise as a young millionaire named "Maxfield Stanton/Masato Sanjouin" he would take advantage of people's strong feelings and turn that power into his Youma. He learned of love from Molly/Osaka Naru's feelings for him and when he finally returned them he knew he could not escape the Negaverse. He was a cold villain who liked to work alone. He did not appreciate when Zoisite would stick her nose in. Though, he had every right to be annoyed by his fellow Shitennou who was plotting to kill him. He began looking for the Silver Crystal which enraged Zoisite who claimed that was her job. Zoisite had become a fierce enemy and managed to send attackers to kill him. There Nephlite died in his love's arms, but he was free of the darkness. Lita Kino's Sailor Moon Universe
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