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U.S. Name: Malachite
Jap Name: Kunzite
U.S. Names Considered:
Name Pronunciation: Kun-zite 1st Appeared:
Episode - (US)
Episode - (Jap)
Astrological Sign:
Birth Stone:
Height: 6'1"/185cm
Weight: 155lbs/71kg
Eye Colour: blue
Hair Colour: white (hint of blue)
Girl/Boyfriend: Zoisite (in the English version Zoisite was female whereas in the Japanese version Zoisite was male)
Father: Mother:
Brothers: Sisters:
Sons: Daughters:
Transformations: none
Items: none
1: - Youma
2: - boomerang-like power blasts
3: - absorbing others power
4: - transmigration
5: - teleportation
6: - telekinesis
7: - psychosis

  Powers, Attacks and Items

Extra Information
Malachite/Kunzite was the fourth to serve Queen Beryl but was definitely the strongest of the four. He was very shrewd and
cunning ... and unfortunately for the Scouts he had the power to back up his plans. His battle was for the Silver Crystal that Sailor Moon had in her possession. His Youma were possessed humans so to destroy them meant killing innocent people. He was the only one to be killed by the Sailor Scouts. Malachite was seemingly a very calm and patient villain. He kept his emotions very controlled, even when faced with defeat. Although, as the story progressed when Darien joined the Dark Kingdom he grew suspicious and possibly even a little jealous. He was in love with Zoisite and was extremely upset when Beryl killed her for failing to defeat Sailor Moon. His sorrow for the loss of Zoisite drove him to fight against the Sailor Soldiers fiercely. It seems that he wasn't as cool and collected as he would seem to be. Lita Kino's Sailor Moon Universe
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