Japanese Version - Sailor Moon S

Sailor Moon S
Episode # Episode Name Episode # Episode Name
90 A Premonition of World Destruction? The Mysterious New Soldiers Appear 109 Shocking Moment: Mutual Identities Revealed!
91 The Birth of the Rod of Love! Usagi's New Transformation
110 Deaths of Uranus and Neptune. The Talisman Appear!
92 A Pretty Boy?? Ten'ou Haruka's Secret
111 The Sacred Cups Mysterious Power! Double Moon Transformation
93 Usagi Yearns! The Elegant Genius Michiru
112 Who is the Real Messiah? Light and Shadows in Chaos
94 Protect the Pure Heart! The Enemy/Ally Three Way Battle
113 The house with Evil Feelings. The Secret of the Pretty Girl Hotaru
95 Leave it Up to Moon to Aid With Love
114 I Love Idols! Mimete's Worries
96 Cruel Uranus? Makoto's Pinch!
115 Shadow of Silence. Hotaru's Dimming Light
97 Water Labyrinth. The Target: Ami
116 Calm After the Storm! A Friendship Devoted to Hotaru
98 Save the Friends! Moon and Uranus Work Together
117 Much Higher! Much Stronger! Cheerleader Usagi!
99 A Man's Gentle Mind! Yuuichirou's Broken Heart for Rei?
118 Battle With an Evil Atmosphere! The Sailor Soldiers Gamble
100 She Wants to Quit Being a Sailor Senshi!? Minako's Worries
119 Awakening of the Messiah? The Fate of Stars
101 Usagi's Tears! For My Birthday, a Pair of Glass Slippers
120 Invasion From Outer Space! Mugen High's Secret
102 The Stolen Pure Heart! Usagi is in Trouble
121 Temptress! The Third Undesirable Woman - Tellu
103 She Came! A Small Pretty Soldier
122 Believe in Love! Kind Soldier Ami
104 Looking for Friends! Busy Chibi Moon
123 Shadow of Destruction! Messiah of Silence Awakens!
105 I Need Power! Makoto's Lost Way
124 Approaching Horror! Eight Soldiers in a Pinch
106 Bonds of Destiny! The Far Reaching Day of Uranus
125 Shiny Shooting Stars! Saturn and Messiah
107 Art is an Explosion of Love! Rini's First Love
126 Bundle of New Life! The Destiny of Stars, the Time of Farewell
108 The Waltz is Usagi's Dance 127 A Growing Soldier! A Pure Heart is the Base for Growing Strong

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