Japanese Version - Sailor Moon R

Sailor Moon R Part 1
Episode # Episode Name Episode # Episode Name
47 Moon Revives! The Mysterious Alien Appears
54 The Cultural Festival Just for Me!? Queen Rei Sings All Out
48 For the Cause of Love and Justice! The Sailor Senshi Revive
55 Is Seijuro the Moon Shadow!? Mako-chans Firing Up
49 Who is the White Rose For? Tsukikage No Knight Appears
56 Steal Mamoru's Kiss! Ann's Snow White Strategy
50 Usagi in Danger! Disabled Tiara
57 Beware of After School! The Target Usagi
51 Renewed Transformation, Usagi's Power Up
58 The Disagreeing Feeling of Love! The Makaiju's Anger
52 Targeted Children! Venus in Action
59 The True Love Awakens! The Makaiju's Secret
53 Mamoru and Usagi's Baby-sitter Mayhem    

Sailor Moon R Part 2
Episode # Episode Name Episode # Episode Name
60 Angel? Devil? The Mysterious Girl Who Fell From the Sky
75 A Mysterious New Soldier! Sailor Pluto Appears
61 Usagi's Big Shock! Mamoru Announces That He is Breaking Up
76 Power of the Evils, Invation by Esmerado
62 The Friendship of the Senshi! Good-bye Ami-chan
77 The Thoughts are the Same! Usagi and Mamoru in Love Again
63 Girls Should be Strong and Beautiful! Rei's New Attack
78 Venus-Minako's Nurse Mayhem
64 After the Silver Crystal! Chibi-Usa's Secret
79 The Adventures of Artemis! The Evil Animal Kingdom
65 Dispute About Love! Makoto and Minako's Argument
80 The Illusion of Terror. Lone Ami
66 Usagi's Parenthood? The Curry Triangle Relationship
81 The Dark Gate Opens? Grade School Targeted
67 Ocean, Island, Vacation! Senshi's Day Off
82 Journey to the Future. Battle in the Corridor of Time
68 Protect Chibi-Usa! The Fierce Battle Between 10 Warriors
83 Battle in the Future! Dimando's Ambition
69 Awaken the Sleeping Beauty! Mamoru's Distress
84 Wiseman's Dark Hand. Destroy Chibi-Usa
70 Confronting the Flame of Love! Mars vs. Cooan
85 Queen of Darkness! The Birth of the Black Lady
71 For Friendship! Ami and Beruche Clash
86 Death of Safiel! Wiseman's Trap!
72 Rubeus' Emergency! The Loss of 4 Sisters
87 Believe in Love and the Future! Usagi's Will Power
73 Rubeus' UFO Appears! The Sailor Senshi Taken Hostage
88 The Last Battle Between Light and Dark! Vow to Tomorrow's Love
74 Go and Beat Up Rubeus! A Battle in Space 89 Usagi's Final Decision! Prologue to a New Battle

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