Azumi's Profile

Full Name: Azumi Kiribayashi
Origin: Japan
Birthdate: May 25,
Age: 18
Height: -'--"/---cm
Weight: ---lbs/---kg
Eye: Brown
Hair: Blue

Weapons: Naginata
Fighting Style: Kiribayashi Naginata Ryu

Brief Description
Azumi is a senior at Daimon High School. She is Ryoko's main rival throughout the series and is a master of the Naginata. She’s the president of the Flower Club and is known as “Azumi the Budda.” She has a major crush on Tatsuya Shishikura and constantly tries to get close to him. Azumi always gets into Ryoko's face which often leads to fights. You first see her fight in episode one against Ryoko. Ryoko Mitsurugi's Real Bout High School Universe
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