What's a K-Fight?

This is a scene from the K-Fight between
Ryoko Mitsurugi and Azumi Kiribayashi
This is a scene from the K-Fight between
Shizuma Kusanagi and Keiichiro Nagumo

"What's a K-Fight?

The speciality of Daimon High.
It's a revolutionary system that fairly determines who's right...
...whether it's between clubs or personal grudges...
...with the approval of both ends and under strict rules...
...when discord strikes Daimon High.
As for the rules, the challengee decides the showdown event...
...but that isn't it for the Daimon High Martial Arts Championship!
Also, all judging and rules of the K-Fights...
...are run and maintained by the K-Fight Executive committee!"

Small Facts about K-Fights
- Keiichiro Nagumo is the creator and champion of K-Fights.
- Ryoko Mitsurugi is the current K-Fight champion and won over 46 battles in a row without losing one.
- Shizuma was able to transfer to Daimon High with a full scholarship by becoming first place in the martial arts tournament at the Daimon High festival.
- During Ryoko's & Shizuma's rematch, Keiichiro Nagumo appeared for the first time (since his days at Daimon High) to challenge Shizuma and defeated the "mountain monkey".
-Ryoko Mitsurugi defeated both Azumi Kiribayashi & Shizuma Kusanagi in a K-Fight.
-The "K" in K-Fight means kenka. In Ryoko's & Azumi's rematch the "K" means kitchen (Episode 7).
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