Name:- Leilong Height: Unknown
Age:- Unknown Weight: Unknown lbs
Blood Type:- Unknown Eye Colour: Unknown
  Hair Colour: Unknown

Leilong is a member of the Anten Seven, and was the first sent to recover Melfina and the stolen XGP from Gene Starwind. With his ragged clothes and tired expression, one would not expect that he has mastered many years of combat.
In addition to his huge arsenal of weaponry, Leilong is also a combat veteran, with years of experience on his side. Normally Leilong does not normally complete his jobs himself, and in many cases he sends his apprentice Shmi to do the dirty work. After Gene killed Shmi, Leilong was reluctantly forced to enter combat with the crew of the Outlaw Star. Though the team was easily bested in the fight, Leilong was moved by the loyalty and friendship that the group shared. Leilong could not bring himself to killing crew of the Outlaw Star, so he arranged a final duel with the already injured Gene. In order to free himself of the Anten Seven, and his past mistakes, Leilong faked his own death during the duel and allowed the gang to continue on their way.

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