Name:- Gilliam Height: {Height}
Age:- Probably as old as the Outlaw Star Weight: {Weight} lbs
Blood Type:- None, just Oil Eye Colour: Black
  Hair Colour: None

Gilliam is the Outlaw Star's onboard computer. It is less than impressed with Gene's piloting skills (and notes that it fears for its future prospects), which sometimes annoys Gene. The ship has some weird things a little bigger than a can of soda that have faces and go around on tracks to 'talk' to crew members, give advice, etc. I get the feeling that Jim gets along with them rather well, what with of machines.- Anyway, Gilliam's kind of the most cynical of the group, which is a little weird (as I, at least, generally imagine computers (correction--computers of the future) as compliant and faithful...).

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