Name:- Gene Starwind Height: 5' 10"
Age:- 20 Weight: 154 lbs
Blood Type:- O Eye Colour: {Eye}
  Hair Colour: Rusty Brown

Gene is pretty much "Outlaw Star's" main character. He likes shooting stuff and drinking, spends...uh...'quality time' with women, and runs a small, semi-legitimate business which basically consists of bounty hunting and taking any kind of odd job for money (provided it's not too dangerous). His house is a mess. He acts like your basic 20-year-old guy.- He has a deeply rooted phobia of space travel (stemming from his childhood, when his father forced him into the only escape pod of a burning ship). This makes things interesting when he winds up going into space (he has to drink heavily in an attempt to keep from getting sick). But he winds up the captain of the ship "Outlaw Star," which somehow keeps him from feeling confined and scared (although he's still scared of space).

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