Name:- Gwen Khan Height: {Height}
Age:- {Age} Weight: {Weight} lbs
Blood Type:- {Blood} Eye Colour: {Eye}
  Hair Colour: Light gray

Gwen Khan is one of the brilliant scientists who was responsible for the creation of Melfina, and the Outlaw Star (originally called the “XGP”). Gwen is obsessed with the collection of knowledge; his desire to have knowledge is the only thing that is keeping him alive. After discovering that Gene had found the Outlaw Star and Melfina, he immediately plots to aid him in his quest to reach the Galactic Leyline. Gwen deactivates Melfina, and forces Gene to recover the coordinates of the Leyline from the gravity prison. The crew members of the Outlaw Star soon becomes tired of Khan, and force him out of the ship at their next stop. Soon after, Gwen teams up with the MacDougall brothers and the three manage to reach the Galactic Leyline just as the Outlaw Star does.
Finally, after years of searching Gwen is given the chance to access the power of the Leyline. After the maiden of the Leyline grants him his wish for ultimate knowledge, he loses the will to live, and dies.

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