Lord Hazanko

Name:- Lord Hazanko Height: Unknown
Age:- Unknown Weight: Unknown lbs
Blood Type:- Unknown Eye Colour: Unknown
  Hair Colour: Unknown

Lord Hazanko is the legendary and powerful leader of the Anten Seven. Although he is not the leader of the Kei Pirates, Hazanko is one of the groups' highest-ranking members. Little is known about him or his past, and he remains a mysterious figure throughout the entire series.
Hazanko wears dark robes and elaborate ornaments, such as his trademark mask. With his position in the Kei Pirates and his mastery of Tao magic, Hazanko is one of the most feared individuals in the galaxy. After watching other members of the Anten Seven fail miserably at their attempts to recover Melfina and the XGP, Hazanko heads for the Galactic Leyline in order to face the Outlaw Star in a final battle. Inside of the Leyline everyone is separated, and Hazanko manages to capture Melfina before Gene can stop him. Using Melfina to access the power of the Leyline, Hazanko is granted his wish for ultimate power in the universe.
Hazanko leaves the Leyline and prepares to take over the universe, but the Outlaw Star is determined to stop him. Melfina uses her ability to access the Galactic Leyline's power to make the Outlaw Star strong enough to defeat Hazanko. After an epic battle between the two, Hazanko and his ship were eventually destroyed.

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