(1) Let the games begin

Get ready for the wildest adventure ever as Genki, Holly, and their monster friends unlock mysterious disks, meet and make new monsters, and try to defeat the evil Moo.
When Genki wins a special CD-ROM, it's real-life fun and games when the disk magically transports him to the world of Monster Rancher!There, he saves Holly and her eyeball monster Suezo from the evil Black Dino Squad! Then, Genki makes his very own monster, the baby Mocchi! Later, they meet the gentle stone giant, Golem. Will Golem be enough to stop Moo's evil blue Gel Troops? You better hope so! Because saving the monsters of Monster Rancher as a game Genki just has to win!

(2) Catch a Tiger by the tail

While searching for the mysterious Phoenix, Genki and his friends meet Allen, a monster rancher who uses his whip more than kind words. Will Allen's Worm monster side with Moo and the evil Seed Sisters? Or will he forgive Allen and help Genki and his friends? Speaking of help,next our brave heroes meet up with the fierce, strong Tiger of the Wind. And it's a good thing because Tiger's probably the only one who can win the monster tournament against the crafty, tricky Hare! Can Tiger win?Or will Hare need a lucky rabbit's foot? Find out!

(3) Fast friends and fiendish foes

At last we meet the evil Moo! Now aware of Genki's plans to stop him, Moo orders the powerful Pixie to send her gang of black hares after Genki and his friends! Then, our heroes discover the secret behind Holly's magic pendant and the terrible history of Moo's very first attack!Finally, Genki and the group must work together to build the iron bird to fly over the bottomless Heaven's Canyon and escape capture from Captain Kudo's fearsome army! Get ready for the most exiting Monster Rancher Adventure yet!

(4) The problem with Pixie

After a dangerous crossing over Heaven's Canyon, Genki and his friends stumble upon an excavation of ruins. There, the beautiful, evil Pixie forces humans to dig up mystery disks for her master Moo! It will take all our heroes' strength to stop Pixie,her golem Big Blue,and here army of Clays. Finally, the group locates a mystery disk and unlocks Monol, who tells them of the frightening first battle between Moo and the Phoenix! Get ready to unlock some amazing new secrets - and some really scary monsters - in this exiting adventure!

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