Monster Moo


Monster Moo
Moo is the monster who is turning all of the good monsters into bad ones. He was created by scientists a long time ago, but after he turned evil, the scientists had to create the Phoenix. The Phoenix defeated Moo and sealed its body away. Years later, with Moo's body still sealed, its mind was able to take over another body. Moo's mind entered the body of Holly's father, and took over his body. When her father left, Moo's mind took over him completely, and is using his form till he gets his body back.

Moo gathers his forces of evil monsters in an attempt to recover his original body. After many battles with good monsters and Genki's gang, they find his body and Moo is transferred back into his body.
He continues his reign of terror to built his army of evil monsters in an effort to find the body of the Phoenix and destroy it.

After Genki and Gang find and resurrect the Phoenix, Moo confronts the Phoenix for the final battle. The battle goes on for a while, both monsters finally realize that they are of equal strength. The Phoenix finally ends the battle by destroying itself, and Moo with it, and therefore ending the long reign of terror of the evil monster Moo.

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