Name:- Holly
Japanese Name:- {JName}
Age:- about 12 years
Sayings:- {Sayings}

Attributes:- Smart, kind, brave
Attacks:- None, only uses the mystery stone that guides her to mystery disks
Reputation:- Kind

She is a great monster trainer. She isn't energetic, rather calm and mellow.
Holly, with her monster sidekick, traveled around the land, in search of the legendary bird called the Phoenix. In her village, there was a legend about this wonderful bird and she, with her Magic Stone, was determined to find it. Although it is not featured in many episodes, she has a great fighting skill. Often, this young girl has a face carved with seriousness or deep thought. But, when she's around Genki (hint, hint..) she smiles and seems very cheerful. Kind to all, Holly proves to be the most valuable member of the team. She stays level headed when everyone is about to kill each other and acts like the mother of the group. She loves children and monsters especially because her friends in her village were monsters. Later, after finding out Moo is her father, she acts more detached from the group and even breaks her vow not to cry.

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