Name:- Genki
Japanese Name:- Genki Sakura
Age:- 11
Sayings:- "Genki is in the zone!"

Attributes:- Strong, brave
Attacks:- Roller blade attacks
Reputation:- Monster Rancher champ

He was one day transported to the world of Monster Rancher. Genki didn't mind, to him his dream had come became a reality. He is very hyper and that is probably his source for energy and motivation. Also a very kind and noble kid.
Genki often dreamed of training real monsters, not the monsters in his video games. Even in class, he dreamed of monsters. One day, after receiving the newest Monster Rancher game, he rushed home and put it on to see ... a young girl running through a temple with a group of Dinos right behind her. A Suezo was right behind her, complaining. INSERT CD NOW. Genki did so as the girl rushed up to the shrine room and placed a disk in a circle. Rushing back to a machine, she pushed down a large button just as Genki closed the Playstation cover. Then, he was sucked into the game and now he's helping Holly and the others find the Phoenix. Is very energetic and Childish, but every now and then he will say a very wise saying. He is energetic and has a warrior spirit. He often is able to have his team mates see their full potential and can be considered the leader of the group. Genki is always pushing himself to his limits and a proud nature, he also refuses to run from a fight. He has a sensitive side which he always tries to hide it by joking and laughing. Genki cares for almost every one and is often trying to convince his opponents to stop doing evil if he sees goodness in them. He has formed a deep bond with Pixie.

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