King Peacecraft

Queen Katerina Peacecraft

Mr. Darlian

Mrs. Darlian

Heero Yuy

Quatrina/Katherine Winner

Zayeed Winner

Iria Winner

Master Long

Mr. Noventa

Mrs. Noventa

Sylvia Noventa

Meilan Long

Midii Une

Lisa Barton


These are the other characters who appear in the Gundam Wing Anime. Although a few of them only appeared in Episode Zero.

- Heero Yuy is the leader of the colonies that was assassinated in AC175.
- Quatrina is the mother of Quatre whereas Iria Winner is one of his sisters (Quatrina appeared in Episode Zero).
- Meilan/Meiran is the wife of Wufei who appeared in Episode Zero.
- Lisa/Leia Barton is the mother of Mariemaia who only appears in Episode Zero.
- Midii Une is a minor character who appeared in Episode Zero.

All other characters appeared in one or more of the 49 Gundam Wing episodes with the exception of King and Queen Peacecraft who never actually appeared at all.
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