Relena's Profile

Name/Rank: Relena Darlian/Peacecraft
Alias: none
Ethnic Origin: Northern European
Place of Origin: Sanc Kingdom
Height: 5'0"/154cm
Weight: 84lbs/38kg
Eye: Violet
Hair: Light Brown

Mobile Suits: none

Other Information
Relena is the pampered daughter of the Earth Sphere Alliance's Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs. Her father is responsible for negotiations with the space colonists. This leaves Mr. Darlian little time to spend with his wife and child.
Relena's family is quite wealthy. Along with her status this makes Relena the star pupil of her private school's social scene, but does little to reduce her boredom and loneliness, that is until she meets Heero Yuy; pilot of the Wing Gundam; and her whole life changes.

Relena Peacecraft is also the heiress of the Peacecraft Monarchy. She is the daughter of King and Queen Peacecraft and the sister of Zechs Merquise (Milliardo Peacecraft).
The Peacecraft's were the rulers of the Sanc Kingdom and were completely dedicated to their ideals of 'Total Pacifism' (acquiring peace through non-military means) and this was just like Heero Yuy; the leader of the colonies that was assassinated by OZ on April 7, AC 175.
The Earth's Sphere Alliance Military didn't agree with the Peacecraft philosophy and invaded the Sanc Kingdom in AC 182. In one day the Capital falls and they kill King and Queen Peacecraft. Duo Maxwell's Gundam Wing Universe
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