Lucrezia's Profile

Name/Rank: Lieutenant Lucrezia Noin
Alias: none
Ethnic Origin: Mediterranean
Place of Origin: Italy
Height: 5'4"/165cm
Weight: 108lbs/49kg
Eye: Dark Purple
Hair: Platinum Black

Mobile Suits: Aries and Taurus

Other Information
Lucrezia Noin is of Southern European descent and from an aristocratic Italian family. She was formally a soldier of OZ and is an excellent pilot of mobile suits (although you don't see her in one that much). During the series you see her piloting the Aries mobile suit as well as the white Taurus.
She went to the Lake Victoria military academy together with Zechs Merquise (whom she was in love with) and was one of the best students there, second only to Zechs. She then went on to teach Mobile Suit piloting to new 'Specials'.

Later on in the series she becomes involved with the Sanc Kingdom and became the Commander of the Imperial Guards.
She is calm, strong-minded, quiet and loyal.

Throughout the Gundam Wing series she shows her love for Zechs Merquise, even when he is the enemy. Although he never shows much, if any, feelings towards Noin he is probably in love with her.

During the Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz movie she is a member of the Earth Sphere Unified Nations 'Preventer' intelligence agency under the code name "Preventer Fire". She is still fighting alongside Zechs (who goes by the code name "Preventer Wind"). Duo Maxwell's Gundam Wing Universe
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