Dorothy's Profile

Name/Rank: Dorothy Catalonia
Alias: none
Ethnic Origin: Northern European
Place of Origin: Earth
Height: 5'1"/155cm
Weight: 99lbs/45kg
Eye: Prussian Blue
Hair: Platinum Blonde

Mobile Suits: none but controlled the mobile dolls for the White Fang from Libra

Other Information
Dorothy Catalonia is of Aryan descent and from an aristocratic family. She is the granddaughter of Duke Dermail and the cousin of Treize Khushrenada.
She respects her Grandfather and seems to get on well with him although she indirectly kills him by telling him to go out into space.

She is a sly girl who at first she seems to delight in wars and battles, but later we find out she really hates them. She also has a hard time showing her feelings; you can see this best in the scene after she has fought Quatre and can't cry.

Dorothy is introduced around the middle of the show as a student (or spy for Romefeller) in the Sanc Kingdom, but eventually she moves on to become part of the White Fang.
While with the White Fang she operates a combination of the Zero System and the Mobile Doll control system and shows that she is skilled in battle tactics.

Throughout the show she shares her thoughts openly; this is best shown while she is with the Sanc Kingdom and tells Relena that she thinks she is wrong about pacifism.
She believes war is beautiful and those who fight the battle are strong and fearless.

It appears that she and Quatre have some sort of past together, although this is not explained very much in the show. Duo Maxwell's Gundam Wing Universe
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