Maganac Corps

Maganac is derived from the Tagalog (one of the major languages of the Republic of the Philippines) word for family, mag-anak.
    Sada Ul
Sada Ul is the head of the Maganac Corps, he appears to be an old Arabian Prince, though his true origins are unknown. He is the main monetary source for
maintaining the Maganac Corps, and he is a kind old man who cares deeply for Quatre.

    Rashid Kurama
Rashid is the head of the Maganac Corps mobile suits force, he has a great deal
of respect and concern for Quatre. He serves as Quatre’s advisor, using his experience as a renegade to aid him in making decisions about who to fight with and who to fight against, and uses his tactical skills to help Quatre plan his missions. His custom suit has a headpiece signaling his leadership and large shoulder pads.

Abdul is the second in command of the Maganac Corps, he always wears a pair of small black sunglasses. Very unique in his own way, he’s a little carefree, but also an exceptional pilot. His custom suit has very large and unique shoulder pads that contain powerful thruster engines and uses a long-range cannon that mounts over the left arm.

Afmahd is third in command of the Maganac Corps, he’s a little more silent than many of his comrades, but still just as good a pilot. He can’t be missed; he’s a little shorter than Abdul and Auda, but wears a bushy mustache. He pilots a very interesting looking Maganac suit, utilizing a considerable amount of extra armor including heavier shoulder and skirt armor.

Auda has no real distinguishable characteristics. Although he pilots what is perhaps the most unique suit, utilizing a massive left arm with a powerful Gundanium claw designed to severely damage enemy mobile suits in close range combat. Duo Maxwell's Gundam Wing Universe
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