Trowa's Profile

Name/Rank: unknown (Triton?)
Alias: Trowa Barton
Ethnic Origin: Latin
Place of Origin: L3 Colony
Height: 5'2"/160cm
Weight: 97lbs/44kg
Eye: Emerald Green
Hair: Brown

Mobile Suits: Heavyarms Model Numbers: XXXG-01D2
Unit Type: Mobile Suit
Manufacturers: Doctor S (assistance from Barton Security Group)
Creation Date: AC 195
First Deployment: 7 April AC 195
Accommodations: Pilot only
Height: 16.7 meters
Weight: 7.7 metric tons
Material: Gundanium alloy
Power: Ultracompact fusion reactor
Generator Output: -kw
Thruster Output: -kg
Performance Levels:
Fighting - 110 Weapons - 160
Speed - 110 Power - 140
Armor - 140 Total - 660
Features: sensors, range unknown; self-destruct system
Fixed Armaments: 2x vulcan gun, fire-linked, mounted in head; 2x machinecannon, fire-linked, mounted on torso; 2x gatling gun, fire-linked, mounted in chest; 2x 3-tube homing missile launcher, mounted in shoulders; 2x 12-tube micromissile launcher pod, mounted on legs; 1x army knife, superheated blade, mounted on right forearm
Optional Fixed Armaments: 1 x beam gatling gun with shield, mounts over left forearm
Optional Hand Armaments:

Other Information
Trowa is the most mysterious of the Gundam pilots. He is the young man who was sent to Earth as the pilot of the Gundam Heavyarms in place of the REAL Trowa Barton.
Trowa is cool, quiet and has nerves of steel & superb reflexes. These qualities serve him well in his cover identity as an acrobatic clown in a traveling circus. He also has soldiering experience far beyond his years. When combined with his heavily-armed Gundam, Heavyarms, Trowa's tactical skill and combat ability make him a veritable one-man army.

Toward the end of Gundam Wing, Trowa loses his memory completely.
This happens when Quatre who has gone crazy starts destroying colonies. He then inadvertently damages Trowa's Vayeate beyond repair and causes it to blow up, with Trowa still inside.
Even with such a loss, though, he still becomes surprisingly unchanged in attitude, and general demeanor.

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