Treize's Profile

Name/Rank: Duke Treize Khushrenada
DOB: AC 171
Ethnic Origin: Aryan
Place of Origin: unknown
Height: 5'11"/181cm
Weight: 149lbs/68kg
Eye: Ice Blue
Hair: Light Brown

Mobile Suits: Tallgeese II Model Numbers: OZ-00MS
Unit Type: Mobile Suit
Manufacturers: OZ
Creation Date:
First Deployment:
Accommodations: Pilot only
Height: 17.4 meters
Weight: 8.8 metric tons
Material: Titanium alloy
Power: Ultracompact fusion reactor
Generator Output: -kw
Thruster Output: -kg
Performance Levels:
Fighting - 100 Weapons - 110
Speed - 150 Power - 130
Armor - 120 Total - 610
Features: self-destruct system
Fixed Armaments: 1x dober gun, clip-fed, mounted on right shoulder; 2x beam saber, stored in recharge racks in shield, hand-carried in use
Optional Fixed Armaments: none
Optional Hand Armaments: shield, can be optionally mounted on left shoulder

Other Information
Treize is the charming, charismatic leader of OZ - and of the Specials, the elite Earth Alliance taskforce which serves as OZ's disguise in the Alliance Military. He is a pure aristocrat, who lives by a code of chivalry and conducts himself as a gentleman even while plotting cruel treachery and bloody revolution.
Treize became the leader of OZ in the year AC 193.

Treize's wicked schemes are rooted in a nobleman's conviction that conflict and war serve to strengthen and improve the human spirit. He is admired by OZ's soldiers; feared by his Alliance superiors; and a close, trusted friend to ace pilot Zechs Marquise.
He is also close to Lady Une.

The Tallgeese II is the name of the mobile suit that Treize piloted in the last few episodes of Gundam Wing.
It looks a lot like the original except that it has a lot of blue in the design (something that goes very well with Treize).

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