Milliardo's Profile

Name/Rank: Ambassador Milliardo Peacecraft
Ethnic Origin: North European
Place of Origin: Sanc Kingdom
Height: -'--"/---cm
Weight: 149lbs/68kg
Eye: Blue
Hair: Platinum Blond

Mobile Suits: Gundam Epyon Model Numbers: OZ-13MS
Unit Type: Mobile Suit
Manufacturers: Treize Khushrenada (OZ)
Creation Date: AC 195
First Deployment: 7 April AC 195
Accommodations: Pilot only
Height: 17.4 meters
Weight: 8.5 metric tons
Material: Gundanium alloy
Power: Ultracompact fusion reactor
Generator Output: -kw
Thruster Output: -kg
Performance Levels:
Fighting - 160 Weapons - 140
Speed - 160 Power - 150
Armor - 140 Total - 750
Features: Epyon System combat computer/pilot interface in cockpit
Fixed Armaments: 1x beam sword, directly powered by generator via cable, stored in rack on right hip armor, hand-carried in use
Optional Fixed Armaments: 1x shield, mounted on left forearm, mounts 1x heat rod, retractable
Optional Hand Armaments: 1x heat whip

Other Information
Milliardo becomes the leader of the White Fang resistance group late in the series and leads the White Fang during the final battle of Gundam Wing.
He is known as Zechs Merquise; OZ's top mobile suit pilot; until episode 18 (Tallgeese Destroyed) when his mask cracks and comes off.
He is also the brother of Relena Peacecraft and heir to the Peacecraft Monarchy.

The Gundam Epyon; which was created by Treize; was first given to Heero Yuy. In a later episode, after Heero battled Zechs with it (Zechs was using the Wing Zero), they traded Gundams. Heero piloted the Wing Zero while Zechs took control of the Epyon.
Epyon is dark purple and is one of the most impressive-looking Gundams. It uses a long, whip-like tail as a weapon. This makes it resemble a humanoid dragon.

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