Lady Une's Profile

Name/Rank: Colonel/Lady Une
DOB: AC 174
Ethnic Origin: German
Place of Origin: unknown
Height: 5'2"/161cm
Weight: 104lbs/47kg
Eye: Brown
Hair: Brown

Mobile Suits: Aries

Other Information
Lady Une is Treize Khushrenada's loyal aide and agent. She is often assigned to assassinate enemies or to command important field operations by Treize. While she is passionately devoted to Treize, Lady Une shows no mercy to her master's foes, and is infamous for her overzealous cruelty.

One day she is running water for Treize's bath, the next she's bombing diplomats or threatening to attack unarmed space colonies.

Part way through the series she develops a split personality due to her feelings for Treiza (she is in love with him) which causes her to doubt her own orders.
In one personality she is Lady Une the military leader. She is cruel to her enemies, and doesn't mind fighting for Treize
In the other she is Lady Une the diplomat. She is caring, kind, and seems to not like to fight. Duo Maxwell's Gundam Wing Universe
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